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As the Dutch delegate to the ISO/IEC 19770 WG21 we are your best choice to help you on this subject.

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In2SAM is an independent company, bringing the best of IT and Software Asset Management knowledge to your organization.

We combine over 120 years of field related experience together into one team. Our goal is to help you to get the best economic value from your assets, such as Licenses and Software contracts.

We treasure our independent position to provide full value to our clients.




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Being a hybride client

It’s getting more and more common these days. An organization that makes use of Saas software of a particular vendor next to subscription and perpetual licenses from tht same vendor. As we’ve seen in the past the registration of the perpetual and subscription licenses were already quite some burden for the publishers and the vendors. […]

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ISO19770 on the route to maturity and acceptance

Although ISO19770 (IT asset management) is a relative young standard, it has been there since the SAM market started to be lively at the midst of the zeroes of the new millennium. Since a few years, I’m the delegated member of the Dutch National standards Body at the WG21-{WG21 is Workgroup 21 under SubCommission 7 […]

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SAM Processes and ISO

  In the previous blogs in this series I described my favorite SAM Process model and organizational units that are involved. ISO 19770 is the standard that should support organizations to prove that their processes comply to globally accepted recommendations. Unfortunately, certification is not yet possible (see also ‘Although ISO 19770’ by my colleague Nico […]

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