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Interested in using ITAM standards

As the Dutch delegate to the ISO/IEC 19770 WG21 we are your best choice to help you on this subject.

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Content with your software contract?

Be sure and use our Contract Analysis Service

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Binnenkort weer uw SAP LAW tool gegevens doorgeven of staat de contractverlenging voor de deur?

Doe vooraf een reality check en laat ons u inzage geven in uw werkelijke gebruik.

In2SAM Bringing the best of IT and Software Asset Management knowledge to your organization.

We combine over 120 years of field related experience together into one team. Our goal is to help you to get the best economic value from your assets, such as Licenses and Software contracts.

We treasure our independent position to provide full value to our clients.




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You’ve got a serious data issue, and might not know about it.

I was at a NextSales meeting with a company that has a solution for anonymizing and pseudonymizing data. And I must say I was happy to be there. As it turns out they have a solid solution for one of the biggest problems in the IT&SAM field: anonymization of user, personal, commercial or other European […]

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ISO 19770 as quality insurance

As more and more organizations are working with SAM solutions, the question is how to keep up the quality level as high as at the end of the SAM implementation project. And this is a valid question. I see that at the end of these projects the organizations lean back and sigh in relief that […]

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The legal function in Software Asset Management.

Last week I received an email with a letter attached, inviting us to use the Progress Software Asset Management service. In the attached letter, Progress explained that using this service would be of great advantage for the organisation I work in. It would reduce the cost of licenses a lot. At the end of the […]

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