Hans van der Zanden

Hans van der Zanden – CFO

Hans van der Zanden, CFO at In2SAM.

Common threads in Hans’ career are water, people management and IT processes. Of course, this requires some explanation.

Hans’ passion for water was expressed in competitive swimming, water polo, diving and sailing. He studied Civil Engineering, everything that has to do with water (drinking water, sewage, etc). Water is still his passion. In his free time he can usually be found on the water, but apart from ten years as a sailing instructor, he has never done anything with it professionally.

In 1979 Hans joined Volmac, a precursor of Capgemini. ICT proved to be a golden opportunity. More than 36 years he enjoyed working there. After a few years already his affinity with people management became apparent, the second thread. In 1986 he became Branch Manager at Volmac and subsequently Department Manager at Volmac Systems & Networks. Later, at Capgemini, he regularly performed HR roles like coach or mentor. He was also Recruitment Manager for some time.

Professionally, Hans started his career in various roles in the field of system development. Through Service Management (ITIL, Cobit, etc.) and Compliance (SOX, among others), he specialized in Software Asset Management. From this background, he is already 25 years engaged in the design, implementation, execution and optimization of IT processes, the third thread. In addition to the process aspects (SAM, ISO 19770) he focuses specifically on Microsoft and Oracle.

Hans was born in 1952, is married and has a son, two daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson on the way. In addition to sailing, running is also a hobby.