Nico Blokland

Nico Blokland – CEO

Nico Blokland, CEO at In2SAM.

Born in 1963, married and father to three beautiful daughters. He has over thirty years of experience as consultant in IT. Starting from operational Mainframe tasks to the management of a global spread IT&SAM department. At the end of the eighties (last century!!!) his main focus was on processes in and around IT with of course the focus on ITIL. Since the last years before the Millennium he started to specialize in IT & Software Asset Management and especially Software & License Management. Because of the extensive and long-lasting experience and knowledge on this topic he is a much sought expert and in this role he helped out various national and international organizations with their IT&SAM issues. At GetronicsPinkroccade, Agile/Solimas/InfraControl en Capgemini  he was directly involved and responsible for the IT&SAM departments. As the Dutch representative for the WG 21 for the ISO19770 standard he currently is working with the other international experts on the newest version of each of the standards in the 19770 group.

His mission at In2SAM is ensuring the prompt, reliable and efficient services in the field of IT&SAM for all our current and future clients. Safeguarding the independent position of In2SAM from Software creators and resellers is a top priority. People, processes, policies, technology and relevant data for a perfect IT&SAM process are always on his mind. In his role of CEO he is in direct contact with our clients, partners, executive experts and software creators/resellers. Supporting the client with his extensive knowledge and experience is something he still loves to do. Searching for new solutions, visions is a task he daily performs with love and enthusiasm.