And they (SAP) ‘promised’ not to directly pursue ……

SAP spokes persons and account managers were very quick to mention to the world that, now they won the Diageo court case, they wouldn’t directly start harvesting the new situation on indirect access. And in effect that’s a bit true. They now seem to aim at the big treasure chests that are out there. AB […]

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SAM and HR

In a previous blog about SAM processes I mentioned the Human Resources department (HR) as a major participant. Last week I met an HR Manager of a midsize company. Among other topics we talked about my statements regarding the role of HR in SAM processes. She appears to have a good relationship with the IT […]

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Being a hybride client

It’s getting more and more common these days. An organization that makes use of Saas software of a particular vendor next to subscription and perpetual licenses from tht same vendor. As we’ve seen in the past the registration of the perpetual and subscription licenses were already quite some burden for the publishers and the vendors. […]

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