In2SAM’s training courses are aimed at providing everyone in the organization, who has something to do with Software Asset Management, with the right skills to perform their role well. That starts very broadly, because every user of IT systems has to deal with software and licenses. For this group there is the  Software License Awareness Training.

A number of employees play an active role in one or more SAM processes. You can think of license manager, manager/employee Procurement, software manager, etc. For this category we have developed the SAM Foundation training.

The SAM Advanced training (available from February 2022) goes one step further. This training provides SAM specialists, project managers and consultants with tools to set up, implement and improve processes in these areas.

An event that worries many organizations and costs a lot of money is an audit by a software manufacturer. In2SAM has developed an approach that enables you to create an adequate defense against any software audit.  The Audit Monitor training is available as an online training.

Since its foundation in 2016, In2SAM has been involved in the development and maintenance of ISO standards in the field of ITAM and SAM. The ISO 19770 Basis Training provides an overview of the ISO 19770 standards. Much of the training is reserved for the central ISO 19770-1 standard. This training is extremely suitable for orientating organizations and managers of IT&SAM practices.