In addition to our services and consultancy, we provide training and certification in IT & Software Asset Management.

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Software License Awareness Training

Raise the awareness of software and licenses throughout your organization. during this online course, the student will be made aware of all the risks that are involved with software and licensing. The student will also learn to see where he can be the start of attractive cost savings on software and licensing. The course also contains the commitment of a student to an Anti Piracy statement and an exam with a certificate when completed successfully

Audit Monitor Workshop – On site

Are you valuing the relationship with those software publishers? I hope not too much, because the bold statements they make in every audit announcement suggest they are valuing the relationship in another way. We’ve developed a tailored workshop for every organization or company to be able to defend themselves to any software audit in a perfect way.

Audit Monitor Certification

This training aims to respond decisively to audits from software vendors. Topics are handled such as attitude to the auditor, internal and external communication, project methods and methods of the vendors.

Basic Software Asset Management

Our vision on SAM includes an amalgamation of governance, finance, business interests and compliance. Complemented by technology, it focuses on the optimal deployment of software assets, the associated processes, manage licenses, and improve supplier relationships. The training focusses on all aspects to achieve an excellent SAM base.

Basic License Management

Setting up an effective licensing process creates savings in cost of licenses, and is required to adequately respond to audits. This course covers how to best deal with this, and is based on many years of experience from our licensing specialists and teachers.

ISO 19770 Basic Training

This training provides insight into the ISO19770 standards. A large portion of the training is dedicated to the core ISO19770-1 standard.