Audit Monitor Certification


Software vendors are getting more and more aggressive towards customers. Over the last years, reports show that over 60% of companies interviewed say they have experienced aggressive audits. In this online course, we teach our students the defence tactics, how to structure the organisation, to be able to respond properly towards the auditor’s request. He or she will learn how to get all internal needed support, and also attain knowledge on the issues arising with every request of the auditor.

In this context, think of:

  • Testing audit script
  • Privacy laws and legal response
  • Data protection
  • Data leakage
  • Commercial data issues
  • Security issues

We demonstrate the basics of an audit protocol. The student will learn about the right attitude, and a very strict way of communication, both internal and external.

With the help from In2SAM experts on audit support, your organization can save significantly on the internal costs of the audit, and avoid unnecessary extensive incompliancy fines.