Audit Monitor Workshop – On site

Have you been frequently audited by software publishers?

 We can help you decrease your risks and save money!

Are you valuing the relationship with those software publishers? I hope not too much, because the bold statements they make in every audit announcement suggest they are valuing the relationship in another way.

Besides that in almost every audit, compliance breaches are found – and according our research, these findings are often incorrect – you are paying money that had better be spend on business activities.  Also, there’s the internal cost for executing the audit.

We have found that most companies aren’t able to organize and defend themselves against audits appropriately. There are different reasons for audits going wrong:

  • Lack of interdepartmental communication
  • reliability of information, on utilization and entitlement
  • Proper knowledge regarding laws, legislation and rules
  • Lacking protocol and procedures

We’ve developed a tailored workshop for every organization or company to be able to defend themselves to any software audit in a perfect way.

In our two-day workshop, we’ll show you what contractual terms and conditions and laws are available to support you, what rights you can enforce, how to setup an audit protocol and – last but not least – how to organize all this at the lowest cost.

Of course, it is always better to prevent audits by having a solid license administration and ISO19770 verified processes.

This workshop requires employees from the following departments:

  • Procurement
  • Legal
  • CIO office
  • IT/systems management
  • Security management
  • And preferably some senior level managers

Medium and large enterprises were confronted with multimillion fines over the last years, and various accountable managers lost their jobs because of that. Currently we see increasing numbers of audits performed, and thus increasing risks for all targeted organizations.

In our 2-day in-house workshop we’ll get your organization ready for the next audit.

contact us to tailor the workshop for your organization!