Basic License Management

License Management

Basic License Management, setting up an effective licensing process creates savings in cost of licenses and is required to adequately respond to audits. You’ll learn about all the terms and conditions that come with a license. Calculating a compliance position based on reliable, accurate source information, reporting to management, the license management process, procedures, and work-instructions are all part of this course. This course covers how to best deal with this, and is based on many years of experience from our licensing specialists and teachers.

During this course, you’ll learn about the two most important information sources: Usage of software and/or hardware and entitlement (licenses/contracts).

You’ll learn about:

  • compliance calculations,
  • how to make sure your information is reliable,
  • reporting to management 
  • the license management process, procedures, and work instructions.

When you’ve completed the course you’ll have all the necessary information a license manager needs to be effective.

More info: 

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