Software Licentie Awareness Training ®

Software License Awareness Training ®

How do you create awareness in your entire company about the risks of software license in-compliancy? In order to do so, we have developed the Software License Awareness Training.

Unlike traditional SAM consulting companies, In2SAM has an entirely different approach. At low cost and with very limited effort per employee you can create that awareness in your organization by having your people follow this training. This training provides you the following advantages:

  • Confidence in engaging in Cloud and standard software licensing contracts,
  • Prevention of license abuse or misuse which limits financial risks for the organization,
  • Creation of an environment where software licenses can be acquired more easily and managed better at a lower cost.

Software License Awareness Training | Modules

The online training consists of four modules:

  1. Software License Compliance and Copyright (SLCC)
  2. The Top 5 License types which all employees should know
  3. Anti-Piracy Statement and quiz
  4. Exam and certification

The training is offered as a standard online course. If required the training can be adjusted to your company needs (tailoring).

Contact us about the Software Licentie Awareness Training. The training is part of our Awareness Compliance Programma training-offering. More information about the program is available for download here