All beginning in SAM are…PART 2

journeyIn my previous post I wrote on how to start with IT & Software Asset Management. I wrote that the most important thing was STARTING. And where to start is a big question for a lot of companies.

The easiest way to plan your journey in IT&SAM is having your current state of IT&SAM affairs checked. IT&SAM processes however, cannot be examined as ‘standalone’ processes. In fact being meta processes, they are strongly related to or even part of many business and IT processes, processes that most organizations have pretty well in place already.

Assessing your organization on the IT&SAM capabilities includes checking the relates processes. You’ll see that the results vary by IT&SAM component and related process. And that’s why it’s important to know your starting position. If you have the outcome of an IT&SAM assessment you can start coloring your landscape; where’s the land uncultivated and need some work to be done and where do you only have to pick the weeds and connect it to the irrigation systems! (sorry for the terms, I was talking to a garden professional this morning)

There are maturity assessments, quick scans and other plans out there, but the simplest and quickest way is the 12BOX.

The 12BOX assessment is an amazing tool for this. In a very quick and simple online questionnaire you give information upon which we’re able to draw your current and starting position. And of course based on your size and preferences we can make parts more personal and onsite. At In2SAM we’re very proud that we’re the exclusive partner for ITAMReview to bring this to you. It is a very cheap and quick way to get your ITAM landscape plotted and you can start planning and working towards an effective IT&SAM environment.

So in part 1 of this series we’ve been talking about getting from inactivity to activity, breaking habits and deciding to start a journey. If you’ve decided to go on a journey you need to take the next step: get ready to plan and learn about the travel plans you need, or need not, to make.

Next part will be on deciding how to plan and which method you should use.

If you’re interested in taking the 12BOX assessment on your organization, just contact me or my colleagues at In2SAM. We will lead you through the process and get you in that pre travelling spirit.

Every standard is a base for innovation or improvement. We understand the history of IT&SAM and we’re able to show you the future of IT&SAM in an Agile way.

Nico Blokland

IT&SAM evangelist and expert at In2SAM

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