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What is ‘Indirect Access’ ?

According to SAP ‘indirect access’ is a term (beware: a term, not a definition !) for: “SAP data use by an end user or by an application, which is not via SAPGUI” and then SAP points to the System Measurement Guide.

In this System measurement Guide the named user is defined in article 1.2 and there is also a paragraph about indirect use:

Indirect Use
Named users primarily use the SAP software. Users from upstream or interposed technical systems require licenses as named users if they exchange information with the software in dialog or prompt mode, regardless of whether the software is accessed directly or indirectly.

Indirect access means that the user is communicating with a system upstream from the SAP software that transfers communication activities to the SAP software installation or otherwise accesses the SAP software or uses its functions.
In particular, the following are examples of indirect use: (more…)

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June 23 last, a majority of the voters in Britain voted for leaving the European Union. Many people talked before, during the referendum and after about “Brexit”. While the referendum occured I was in the United States and also in the US this was “ all over the news”. In news programs and talk shows on tv people discussed the possible consequensed – mostly financial – consequences of this exit.

Although I was in the United States on vacation I am a software asset management consultant and it immediately crossed my mind what would happen if the ruling of 2012 of (more…)

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