ISO 19770 as quality insurance


As more and more organizations are working with SAM solutions, the question is how to keep up the quality level as high as achieved at the end of the SAM implementation project. And this is a valid question. I see that at the end of these projects organizations lean back, and sigh in relief that they finally made it. They inventoried and improved their different data sources and were finally able to build a reliable compliance reporting.

However, most organizations are constantly changing, and thus information is changing. If you don’t have a process to check or validate your data and processes periodically, the situation you were in before the SAM implementation project lurks to enter swiftly.

Avoid relapse

To avoid such, you should implement a solution according to the ISO19770 standard, and validate the data periodically. It not only urges you to have the best possible process, but it also pushes you to validate the accuracy of your source information repeatedly.

3rd edition ISO 19770

The new  ISO 19770-1: Edition 3 provide you the tools to do so. And why not certify on that, while you’re at it. Is it an expensive solution? I’m sure that just waiting for the next audit result is way more expensive. Make it a part of your internal audit scheme and prepare for the future with a clear mind on your IT & Software assets.

Where to get info

At In2SAM we’re constantly working on the improvement of SAM and the ISO 19770 standard. If you want to know how that would work in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleagues.

Nico Blokland

IT&SAM evangelist,

COO at In2SAM,

Dutch delegate a the ISO(19770) Workgroup 21

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