Our vision

Our vision on Software Asset management:

Business importance of Software Assets

  • Software is a significant amount on the financial balance sheet, with considerable risks of levies and fines. Software Asset Management is the solution to get this under control.

Implementation of SAM tooling – in itself – is never a ‘silver bullet’

  • Often, after the installation of the tool, the source information required for correct operation of the tool is not reliable or complete. In 99% of the cases this is caused by missing, incomplete or poorly functioning processes. Therefore we focus on the implementation of SAM on the processes and organization.

SAM processes

  • The purpose of software Asset Management, and thus of the SAM processes, is to provide a complete view on software compliance, e.g. which software is installed/used and what use rights are applicable for that. SAM collects and processes data from many sources via related processes. Detected differences are reported and communicated. Combined with SAM expertise, this leads to improvement of process quality.

SAM and related processes, a finite relationship

  • During the implementation of SAM, SAM specialists will interfere in the related processes. As project time goes by SAM knowledge and awareness increase in the organization, while there interference mentioned will decrease. So SAM has an implicit objective of dissolving itself.

SAM makes no sense without a mandate of senior management

  • Responsibility for SAM is an issue for many organizations. However SAM sponsorship by senior management is key and mandatory.