Our vision

Our vision on Software Asset management:

Business importance of Software Assets

Software is a significant amount on the financial balance sheet, with considerable risks of levies and fines. Software Asset Management is the solution to get this under control.

SAM pays for itself in a short time
Implementation of SAM requires an investment. However, properly functioning SAM processes, starting with License Management, have a short time to enable return on investments.

Yet most SAM projects fail. Why?

  • Implementation of SAM tooling – in itself – is never a silver bullet
    Many SAM tooling suppliers pretend that the only thing you need to do is install their tool. Mostly this is far from the truth. Specialists, with knowledge and insight can manage fine, even without specialized tooling. Expensive tooling without the right people and processes will seem useless within a year of first use.
  • Successes are not communicated
    Fines and costs stand out, savings do not. If the results of the SAM processes are not widely communicated,every SAM implementation leads to an early fail.
  • SAM is doomed to fail without a mandate from senior management
    Accountability for SAM is crucial  for many organizations. Understanding the costs and risks of using software by management is crucial. Without this awareness, there is no proper mandate and SAM can never be successful.

Visibility and awareness in the organization
Therefore, the critical success factor for the implementation and execution of SAM or License Management is, that everyone in the organization understands its importance and contributes to it. Every SAM implementation should therefore start with bespoke training and education.