Pre audit assessment

icons-3A few years ago most Software publishers/Creators came to the conclusion that their business model -building new software and making big revenue on the sales of licenses- is not possible anymore. They turned to the next best thing: cashing on the ‘illegal’ or overusage of their software. A situation they created themselves by tolerating (or even promoting) this usage by their clients.

Some Software creators are open about this; they earn more on the audits than on the sales of new licenses.

So, what to do if a Software Creator demands insight in your software usage. You did sign the audit clause so it’s not avoidable. What you can avoid is paying more than necessary.

We at In2SAM have created a service for you that helps you through this audit process; at your side

We will help you get the insight in the risks and show you how to avoid them.

We even help you in negotiating to an acceptable outcome.

This is all done via a standardized method and with a proven track record.

If you have received an audit announcement, suspect an upcoming audit, or just need to know your compliance status, the pre audit assessment will help you out.

To get an  insight in your risks you’ll find some of them next:

  • Commercial
  • Security
  • Legal
    •         Privacy
      •        Copyright
      • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
      • Geographical

During our involvement with your audit we will look at your data/information as the auditer would do:

  • Discovery data (ILMT, SCCM, and 250 other types)
  • Database usage information (Oracle, IBM, M’soft, etc)
  • Entitlement (contracts, purchases, asset reports, vendor reports)

We are here to help you how to avoid sending problematic/unreliable/illegal data or information to the auditer with our independent and experienced approach.

As no organization is alike we build an offer for each individual situation!