Audit Protocol English Word (DocX) format

Audit Protocol English Word (DocX) format

4,695.00 (excl.TAX

In2SAM Audit Protocol for Software Audits. This document brings you in the leading position before and during a software audit.

This document gives you the benefit of the rules, laws and legislation. The Audit protocol also reduces your risk in not complying to privacy, security and commercial laws and agreements.

After downloading the document you only need to add your organization’s details and logo.

Also download the Manual when downloading the protocol document

Don’t forget to add the maintenance subscription to keep your document up to date!


It’s recommended that one or more persons of an organization also follow the Audit monitor training to make full use of the document.

REMARK- This document is available for max. 3 downloads. The access is granted during 5 days! – REMARK


document serviceThe In2SAM ready-to-go Audit protocol document. This document saves you ten of thousands in developping costs and maybe millions in avoiding fines before, during and after a Software Audit.

By only adding your organization details and your logo, your protocol is ready for use.

The document is deposited by In2SAM to protect its’ IP and copyright. This means that nothing from this document can be copied or published without written permission of the owner (In2SAM BV).

The document is in English and Word (DocX) formatted

When you filled out the ordering details and payment is received, the document will be sent to the pre-filled address


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