SAM Foundations Course

This course provides the basic knowledge for every employee who is directly or indirectly involved with software and licenses. In particular, these are for example license managers, software asset managers, software purchasers, contract managers, IT managers, portfolio managers, product owners and consultants in these areas.

The course is concluded with an exam that, if the result is satisfactory, provides the student with a certificate. With this certificate, the student proves to have a good knowledge of software and licenses and how they affect every organization.

With the new version, full attention is now also paid to the new forms of software and licenses in the cloud and as a service, without forgetting the basic forms of licenses. This makes this course up to date and prepares every student for the rapidly changing future.

The course is now also completely online. This gives the student the opportunity to follow the training at any time. After passing the exam, In2SAM is informed, the student is included in the exam register and a certificate is issued.

The slide below shows the components that make up the training.

The training takes an average of 8-15 hours. The exam consists of 50 questions. The percentage of correct answers required to pass is 75%.