Software Audit Protocol

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In2SAM developped a unique ‘Easy Fit’ document. The Software Audit Protocol is a document that is indispensable for every organization.
Due to the ever increasing pressure of Software Audits this is a document that should be at hand for every organization.
When you receive yet another Software audit announcement from that very friendly Software Publisher, this protocol is your counter measure.

The In2SAM experts developped this Audit Protocol as part of the Audit Monitor training. It is based on years of experience in supporting our clients during lengthy and nasty audit processes.

This document lets you make use of the laws & regulations that are there to support you!
Our specialized legal department built it and had it checked externally.Audit protocol reference 2

It was already succesfully used by lots of organizations; Amongst others:

Government- Science&Tecnology Multinationals – International retailers – and many more !!!

With this Audit Protocol you point your auditor to the rulesets, laws and regulations that they need to honour. It doesn’t take away the right to audit. It only makes sure that it will be done within the boundaries of the law.

Why should you buy this and not develop one of your own?
1. The Cost; it will cost you tens of thousands to create one. And even then it isn’t sure it work,
2. Speed; This Audit Protocol is ready for use. Only add your organizational details and inform your direct internal stakeholders ,
3. This document has already proven its’ worth.

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