12 Box Assessment Model

At In2SAM we’re very proud to have the exclusive right to bring you the 12Box assessment model powered by ITAMReview.

With this easy online model you will be able to define the maturity of your SAM practice.

  • Independent assessment of your SAM maturity
  • Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement identified via a visual heat map – covering people, processes and technology.
  • Build a prioritised roadmap for improvement

12 Box Keyitam-review-12-box-logo-2-768x644 Features

An independent benchmarking and validation of your SAM maturity:

  • 60 Question Assessment (5 Questions x 12 Box Areas)
  • Online, Phone Advisory or Onsite Assessment Options
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Balanced mix of People, Process and Technology
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and an overall heat map of your SAM maturity
  • Receive practical advice on how to move your SAM practice forward

Assessment Type

Independent Benchmarking

Phone Advisory

Onsite consultation and stakeholder workshop


1. Self-Assessment online

 €            1.550
2. Self-Assessment and phone advisory

 €            1.700
3. Onsite assessment

 €            9.750



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