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In2SAM was founded in 2016 by four highly experienced SAM specialists. Our goal was, and still is, to help the customer get the best value from its assets, such as licenses and software contracts.Although the focus was initially mainly on consultancy and interim management, it was clear from the start that awareness and knowledge within the client organization are crucial for the success of projects.Our training and education first originated as ‘by-products’. In recent years, the focus has increasingly shifted to training and we are proud of what we have achieved with this. Our portfolio includes high-quality products with a professional appearance, with which we can train every employee in your organization at the right level.We are convinced that in this way we contribute optimally to the realization of our goal, i.e. to help you get the best value from your assets, such as licenses and software contracts.

A weighted and clever Porfolio

Experienced instructors

Our top priority is to deliver meaningfull material to our students that they can use in their day to day job. The content will enrich our students and give them insight in why and how manufacturers work.

Expert courses

Although we  work fully in e-mode, our courses are regularly reviewed and updated by experienced experts on ITAM and SAM

Yearly revisions

For our expert courses we often make use of the most experienced people in the world of ITAM

Hans van der Zanden

As we often review and update our courses, our certificates have a limitted period of validity. We advise you to take a refresh course and re-certification at the end of each period.

Hans van der Zanden

Hans is a retired ICT professional that is not yet ready to start enjoying his pension. He still brings his vast knowledge on organization, policies and processes with great enthusiasm to our students.

Hans is Dutch, married, father and grandfather and a passionate sailor in his spare time.
World-class team

Meet our instructors

Our instructors, course writers, are all seasoned experts in the field of IT and Software Asset management. They're  well-known and respected in every branch.
As we keep our courses up to date with day to day business and everchanging rules and regulations, we make sure that only the best experts build and retain the high level of our courses.

Nico Blokland

Nico is the global accepted expert in the field of IT and Software Asset Management. 
He's been advising for more than 25 years in this expertise and will do so for quite some years to follow. He delivers knowledge on all subject matters that concern IT&SAM, but also to the processes around that.
Nico is Dutch, father and grandfather a a photographer for the main part of his life.

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