Being a hybride client

It’s getting more and more common these days. An organization that makes use of Saas software of a particular vendor next to subscription and perpetual licenses from tht same vendor.

As we’ve seen in the past the registration of the perpetual and subscription licenses were already quite some burden for the publishers and the vendors. Left alone the licenses sold via the hardware partner or OEM channels! Although the publishers had to improve their administration to the need of proof during their ongoing years of auditing it’s still not uncommon that if you request for your position at some vendor a few times during a year you’ll get different positions every time (and not because you bought new licenses during that time).

And now we’re adding a new channel to all of that: we’re going to make use of licenses in a cloud or service based environment. This is another layered registration the vendor or publisher has to maintain. Not to mention the fact that the vendor now has to distinguish if the accountabillity for the usage of such a license is at the service provider or the end user (organization) relying on the historical lack of precision in the perpetual and subscription administration of the vendors/publishers.

Also I’m very curious how all of this is incorporated in one contract with a software publisher as metrics are various and also applicable laws and legislation differ from country to country.

I would advise to make sure that, as a hybrid user, you ensure you have an effective administration of your own!

A discovery system that is able to measure utilization of SaaS/cloud software via the browser is a necessity fo that. Next a Software asset Management tool with the latest license models and publishers metrics encorporated makes life easier.

When using this in optimum forma you’ll see that those Pay for Use contracts actually aren’t. Especially when you can subscribe per month, but unsubscribe only per Year (f.i. Microsoft) while the highest number of subscriptions will count for that year

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Nico Blokland

IT&SAM evangelist and specialist

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