Don’t start with the tool as single solution for SAM

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Just a little warning: In the past and present, and sadly the future, lots of organizations decide to do something on software asset management (SAM) and select and implement a SAM tool, without preparing their organization for the vast mass of information that wil come down on them as an avalanche. If you haven’t prepared your organization for this your investment (the tool) will end up in the archives as quick as you’ve decided to buy it based on the impressive and inviting demo’s and sales pitches. And then you’re missing out double, because at that point you’re adding the SAM tool to the significant savings you could have had!

The tool’s massive information stream can only be used to the maximum if your organization is properly prepared and organized. That means governance, processes, policies,and experts that know how to use this information and how to enrich your organization with significant cost savings, avoiding huge unbudgetted costs, safeguarding your reputation and last but not least improving your time to market. And sadly that doesn’t come with the tool, you’ll need experts for that.

It’s a good thing that SAM is back on the C-level’s agenda’s because they’re the individuals at risk when they’re not dealing with the financial and legal problems attached to SAM. If you don’t know where to start, do a quick or a vast research on your current situation and steps to take to an ideal solution. There are some good solutions available. Contact me if you need help on that!

We at In2SAM have chosen to always be on the clients (the software using organization) side of this risky busines. We help in preparing your organization for SAM. And that preparation covers all the above mentioned parts of SAM, including selecting the best fit tool solution for your organization. Our experts are SAM enthousiastics and ready to help you out with your particular situation. So don’t hesitate to contact us at In2SAM.

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