ISO/IEC 19770

iso-19770                   iso-19770                  iso-19770

   ISO 19770 SAM tool Certification                         ISO19770 Organization/process Certification                       ISO19770 Audit Certification

In2SAM is via the COO, Nico Blokland, represented in the Dutch N381007″software and systems engineering” comittee. The ISO/IEC 19770 standard is also part of this N381007 and Nico is the SME for this in the committee. He’s also the single Dutch delegate in the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7/WG 21 (onetime mentioned in full: International Standards Organization/ International Electrotechnical Commission –  Joint Technical Commission 1 / Sub Commision 7/ Workgroup 21) which is responsible for the ISO/IEC19770 family standard.

In this standard there are some variations or levels on the standard/base 19770 (Dash)-1 which are all in the field of IT, and more specific Software Asset Management (SAM)


The -1 (Dash 1) describes the standard for ITAM/SAM processes. Because software is linked through different license models to the hardware we prefer to talk about IT Asset Management(ITAM). Due to our position in the WG21 and the N381007 committee is In2SAM in the unique position (in the BeNeLux at least, but also beyond) to support your organization not only on development and implementation of a ISO/IEC19770 conform practice, but also to certify this accordingly.

The -2 (Dash 2)is the standard for Software ID tags (SWIDtags). This standard describes how the tags should be built (convention) and used for, mainly discovery and inventory systems. With the increasing number of adapting and adopting software developers, manufacterers, creators to this standard a lot of  confusion and time consuming research can be minimized.

The -3 (Dash 3) is the newest standard for entitlement. The convention and tuning of the naming of the software models are standardized. In cooperation with the Dash-2 this should lead to a very simplified recinciliation of the Discovery and the entitlement data (software/Entitlement reconciliation). The latest Dash-3 was published by ISO on April 18, 2016.

The -4 (Dash 4) is currently being developed. This standard describes the manner in which the utilization or usage of software is measured or metered (RUM:Resource Utilization Measurement). This is the next step to mutual control on the utilization of software according defined license models.

The -5 (Dash 5) is the Overview & Vocabulary standard. This very lively document describes all members  (Dashes) of the ISO/IEC19770 family and the used terms and definitions. This standard is different to the other dashes freely available (although the official ISO site still asks you a good €100 for the download. We will make this standard available on this site shortly.

The -6 (Dash-6) describesDevice Identification.  This standard is currently under construction and is planned to be released in the coming years.

The -7 (Dash-7) describes Tag Management. The Tags already described in Dash-2 also need a standard for managing them. The first draft is released, however the sub group that handled this Dash is eliminated and the documents are offered -as is- for adoption by a new to be selected leader and workgroup.

The -8 (Dash-8) Guidelines for mapping of industry SAM practices with the 19770 family. are planned for this decennium. The current  status of this standard wil be discussed May 23-27 in Suzhou, China.

The -11 (Dash-11) Guidelines for the application of ISO/IEC19770-1 for small organizations: This standard describes the dash-1 standard to be practicable for Small organizations. The current  status of this standard wil be discussed May 23-27 in Suzhou, China.

De -22 (Dash-22) software ID tags Guide to Cyber Security. The current  status of this standard wil be discussed May 23-27 in Suzhou, China.

In2SAM is currently very busy describing a new Dash for 19770. This standard defines the criteria and requirements for certifying and auditing. All global auditers on 19770 must comply and certify to this standard. Also 19770 adopted organizations can than be officially certified as well as Software Publishers and SAM tooling providers. The Dash will be introduced during the halfyear meeting of the WG21 in Berlin, November 2016.

If you would like to think about, work on the development and improvement of the ISO standard contact us via the contact page and wel will react to you asap .

Nico Blokland


Member of the Dutch N381007 committee and Dutch representative/delegate for JTC 1/SC 7/WG 21 (ISO19770 standards Work group)